Health and Wellbeing at Copthorne Cattery

To ensure the health and wellbeing of all our guests we only accept cats that are:

Fully vaccinated

Please bring your cats’ veterinary certificate of vaccination with you on the day of arrival.

Routinely treated for fleas and worms

Flea treatment intervals vary but most require monthly application, please check the directions on the product that you use. It is recommended that worming treatments are given at least every three months.

If flea or worm treatment is required during your cats stay, all costs incurred will be charged for.

Neutered cats

All cats over the age of 8 months old must be neutered to prevent behaviour that may be disruptive to other guests.

  • All cats are accepted at the owners risk.
  • We have the right to refuse entry to any cat that shows signs of illness.
  • The cattery building is heated and temperatures monitored daily. All chalets have thermostatically controlled heated beds to provide extra warmth & comfort for your cat if necessary.
  • All chalets have individual external runs accessed via a cat flap (don’t worry if your cat isn’t familiar with using a cat flap, we can provide training during their stay!)
  • We will do all we can to ensure that your cat has a happy and comfortable stay with us, with each cats individually needs cared for, whether they are still kittens, in their senior years or anywhere in between!